At the Belo Horizonte Assembly

At the Belo Horizonte Assembly

The Global Assembly of Women Leaders in the Informal Economy brings together grassroots women leaders, activists, academics, government officials and leading researchers on the informal economy. These leaders bring with them the experiences and learning of over 25 associations, cooperatives and unions of informal workers (domestic workers, home-based workers, street vendors and waste pickers) from over 25 different countries including Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand and many more.

The assembly will include a public event on November 13th, titled "Formalizing the Informal Economy: Perspectives of Informal Workers." 

For more information on the Global Assembly of Women Leaders in the Informal Economy and interview opportunities, please contact Demetria Tsoutouras (


Press Release: Global Gathering of Informal Economy Leaders opens November 11 in Indonesia

November 10, 2014, Yogyakarta -- Leaders in the informal economy from around the globe will gather in Yogyakarta, Indonesia this week to celebrate significant achievements in recent years, and to chart the years ahead. The gathering of about 150 organizational leaders, researchers, activists and policymakers happens as part of the General Assembly of Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing—or WIEGO—from 11-13 November...more