Your Feedback

The GA 2014 may be well over, but we are still receiving feedback and praise regarding the structure and content of this year’s Assembly. We are very pleased that our work has had such a positive impact on so many and hope that the experience will continue to be a source of inspiration as we move forward. Below we have posted some of the many comments we received via email and social media both during and after the GA. Thank you all for your generous praise and invaluable contributions to this discussion.


Dear Wiego colleagues,

… I want to thank you all for a wonderful week in Yogyarkarta. 

It was a real pleasure meeting and learning from the WIEGO family - and how research can be effectively used towards advocating for change. A steep learning curve!

Masuma Mamdani


Thank you again for having me and my project partner colleagues at your meeting in Yogyakarta.

It was a valuable experience for me to meet with many WIEGO members with rich experience in organizing and making improvements in challenging environment in which the informal economy workers operate.

Aya Matsuura


The convention was a good experience for both myself and my wife as we could understand the activities of WIEGO in much detail. 
…. Hope we could expand the activities further for the benefit of informal women workers in coming years.

Govindan Raveendran


@WIEGOGLOBAL your team is doing a fantastic job of live tweeting #WIEGOGA2014! Thank you! Really enjoying following the discussion.

Victoria Okoye


I just want to take a moment to say how much I'm impressed by the website for your General Assembly, especially the agenda, the clarity of navigation, and the fact that it's translated into multiple languages. 

As a communications person, I appreciate that that is no small feat! 

Big kudos all around …

Katie Gillett


… my gratitude and admiration for all the team, what a bunch of committed people we can be, everyone worked very hard, and we had a very large Assembly, fantastic to have so many worker leaders and good WIEGO friends…..

Carmen Roca


Greetings and a big thank you for all that you did to make the event memorable. There is so much to learn from every WIEGO event. It is not only exchange of knowledge but a spirited journey ...

Namrata Bali, SEWA Academy


I heard the Assembly was the best ever, so congratulations to all involved in the planning of such a success.

Cheers & hugs

Lucia Fernandez