Day 1: Market Stall Exhibits

 Chris Bonner and the Law & Informality Market Stall

Chris Bonner and the Law & Informality Market Stall

WIEGO kicked off its Global General Assembly by offering participants a tour of four areas in which the worldwide WIEGO Network has turned collaboration with membership-based organizations into big changes at the local level. Two exhibitions offered a spotlight on WIEGO's Informal Economy Monitoring Study and Law and Informality. 

WIEGO's Law & Informality work is based on the fact that Informal workers need to know the law to leverage it in their favour-and legal frameworks need to recognize informal workers. "Law is a tool for building stronger organizations," Chris Bonner, Director of WIEGO's Organization and Representation Programme said. "On the other hand, in order to make legal gains, you need a strong organization."

The Informal Economy Monitoring Study--IEMS--was a large-scale research project designed to provide credible, grounded evidence of informal workers' situations. "We wanted to be able to say something substantial and reliable about the informal economy, and provide information that informal workers could use on the ground to improve their lives. And the research has had an impact in many of the 10 cities where it was conducted. Learn more through the video and other resources on the IEMS page.

Be sure to visit the blog again soon, as The other two exhibitions, Occupational Health and Safety and Focal Cities, will be highlighted soon.